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BENZING M1 – Fancier

          1.    INTRODUCTION

                Dear Customer

                By purchasing this electronic registration device BENZING M1 you have chosen a reliable
                and  high-quality  system,  offering  considerable  advantages  in  the  practice  and  sport  of
                racing pigeons.

                After  unpacking  the  different  components  it  is  of  utmost  importance  that  you  read  this
                manual  carefully,  as  it  contains  important  information  on  how  to  install,  operate  and
                maintain the complete system BENZING M1 quickly, safely and efficiently in your loft. We
                ask you to observe in particular the general advice and safety instructions on pages 3 and 4.

          1.1  Protection Against Manipulation

                The  device  BENZING  M1  offers  various  technical    precautions  and  protective  measures
                against manipulation.

                •  Safety label (hologram). When attempting to remove the safety label or open the case
                  the safety label is destroyed.
                •  When trying to open the BENZING M1 visible damage is done to the case. This does not
                  apply if the front label has to be exchanged (see section 3.6).
                •  Important electronic components in the BENZING M1 are cast and are thus either not
                  accessible or cannot be manipulated.

                        Despite all possible precautions manipulation can never be entirely ruled out. It
                  !     is  explicitly  stated  here  that  the  manufacturer  cannot  guarantee  complete
                        protection against manipulation.

          1.2  No Liability for Device Failures

                For device failures which occur due to improperly use of the BENZING M1 no liability will be
                assumed by GANTNER Pigeon Systems GmbH. See chapter 6 - Guarantee and Liability.

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