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BENZING M1 – Fancier

          2.2  BENZING M1

                The BENZING M1 is the main device (the clock) of the complete system. All data that is
                entered or electronically registered is saved internally by the BENZING M1.
                When basketing a pigeon, all data like ring number, secret number etc. is saved in what is
                like a ‘data safe’. This data remains stored until the race has been evaluated.
                During races or training sessions the arrival times of the pigeons in the loft are measured
                and saved in the BENZING M1.

          2.3  G2 Antennas

                1-field G2 Antenna         4-field G2 Antenna

                The  G2  Antennas  are the  new  loft  antennas  used  to register  the  arriving  pigeons  at the
                fancier's loft. The pigeons land on the G2 Antennas and the number of the electronic pigeon
                ring is read by the BENZING M1 via the Antennas.
                One loft antenna is connected with the provided connecting cable to the BENZING M1. Up
                to 4 further antennas can be connected to the first antenna.
                The difference between the two antennas are the number of fields where the pigeons can
                be registered. The 4-field antenna is wider and has 4 fields next to each other, where the
                pigeons are registered.

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