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BENZING M1 – Fancier

       2.4  EFA EXPRESS Antenna

            The EFA EXPRESS Antenna can also be used to register the arriving pigeons at the fancier's
            loft. For connecting the EFA EXPRESS Antennas to the BENZING M1 a BENZING Antenna
            Controller is required.
            The antenna can be equipped with a tunnel to guide the pigeons when they land at the

       2.5  BENZING Antenna Controller

            The BENZING Antenna Controller is used to connect up to 4 EFA EXPRESS Antennas to a
            BENZING M1. It is possible to connect two Antenna Controllers for a total of 8 EFA EXPRESS
            Antennas per BENZING M1.

       2.6  PLB Antennas

              8-field Antenna PLB 475   12-field Antenna PLB 765
                   ("Lazer 3")               ("Lazer 4")

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