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BENZING M1 – Fancier

                The Antennas PLB are offered in two different sizes:
                - PLB 475 with 8-fields (also called "Lazer 3")
                - PLB 765 with 12-fields (also called "Lazer 4").
                The PLB Antennas are used to register the arriving pigeons in the loft. The pigeons land on
                the antennas and the number of the electronic pigeon ring is read by the BENZING M1 via
                the antennas.
                One  PLB  Antenna  is  connected  with  the  provided  connecting  cable  to  the  BENZING  M1.
                Several PLB Antennas can be connected to the first antenna.
                Also PLB antennas of the older SAN type can be connected to the BENZING M1. The loft
                antenna  SAN  is  the  preceding  version  of  the  PLB  Antenna,  which  is  much  faster  in
                registering the arriving pigeons then the older SAN antenna could be.

          2.7  Power Supply Unit (1.5 A)

                The power supply unit is used to supply the BENZING M1 and the loft antennas (PLB, G2,
                EFA) with power. It is connected with the corresponding socket on the plug of the antenna
                connection cable (see also 3.2).

                Note:  If  the  BENZING  M1  is  supplied  with  power  by  means  of  the  M1  Fancier  Cable  a
                maximum of three PLB 476 Antennas or six PLB 475 Antennas can be connected. To use
                more PLB Antennas at one BENZING M1 please contact your sales agent.

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