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BENZING M1 – Fancier

       2.8  M1 Fancier Cable for Loft Antenna Connection

          Back View of the
         DB-9 Antenna Plug

              Power Supply Jack

            This  cable,  provided  in  a  length  of  10  m  (30  ft),  connects  the  PLB  Antennas,  the  G2
            Antennas  and  the  BENZING  Antenna  Controller  with  EFA  antennas  to  the  BENZING  M1.
            Moreover,  the  power  supply  unit  is  connected  to  this  cable  in  order  to  supply  the  loft
            antennas and the BENZING M1 with power.
            Note: To connect the cable at the G2 antennas a short adapter cable is needed. This cable
            is included in the package of the G2 antennas.

       2.9  USB Cable

            This cable connects the BENZING M1 via the USB interface to a PC. This makes it possible
            to  evaluate  data  of  the  BENZING  M1  on  the  PC  or  to  load  an  update  program  into  the
            BENZING M1.

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