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BENZING M1 – Fancier

          2.10  BENZING Pigeon Rings

                For the electronic pigeon rings the BENZING M1 supports the BENZING Pro chip rings.

                The BENZING pigeon ring contains an electronic chip provided with a code number and is
                used to identify the pigeons. The ring is not provided with a battery and is only activated, if
                it is located within reach of the club antenna or the loft antenna. The ring is provided with a
                snap lock and can be used for old pigeons as well as young ones. It is attached around the
                leg of the pigeon which is not ringed. The ring is locked by pressing the snap lock together-
                flat pliers might be useful- until it engages with a click.
                The BENZING pigeon rings are available in three different colours (red, green and blue).

          2.11  BENZING Station

                The  BENZING  Station  is  the  ideal  addition  to  the  BENZING  M1.  It  gives  the  fancier  the
                security of a second clock, because all data in the BENZING M1 will also be stored in the
                BENZING Station.
                In  order  to  connect  the  two  devices  the  BENZING  M1  clock  is  simply  placed  in  the  dish
                portion of the BENZING Station and slid downward until the BENZING M1 fully connects to
                the connection plug. The following functions are available in combination with the BENZING

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