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BENZING M1 – Fancier

            -  Security of a second clock whereby all flight data is stored in the internal memory of the
              BENZING  Station,  thus  complete  backup  data  is  always  available.  Backup  data  can  be
              downloaded at the club.
            -  Allows  integrated  continuous  clocking  which  can  handle  up  to  1,000  pigeons  and
              communicate  with  64  G2  Antennas,  8  EFA  Antennas,  64  PLB  Antennas  or  8  SAN
              Antennas. Thus the fancier always has the information on all arrived pigeons, even while
              he or she is away from the loft with the BENZING M1.
            -  Allowance  for  direct  connections  to  the  loft  antennas,  thereby  making  additional
              connection interfaces superfluous.
            -  Allows for direct connectivity to conventional matrix or laser printers.
            -  Online printing of all arriving pigeons (only with BENZING M1).
            -  Allows pigeon arrival information to be sent to a connected mobile telephone or modem,
              by SMS.
            -  A  new  and  very  loud  integrated  beeper  gives  broad  notice  of  the  arrival  of  pigeons,
              detectable even from great distances.

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