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BENZING M1 – Fancier


          3.1  Conditions of Use

                The  BENZING  M1  is  an  electronic  device  running  at  low  voltage.  It  should  only  be  used
                inside. Direct contact with water (drops or splashes of water, stagnant water etc), dirt, or
                when in operation with direct sunlight should be avoided.

                During operation the surrounding temperature for the BENZING M1 must be between 0°C
                and  +60°C  (+32°F  and  +140°F)  and  for  the  loft  antennas  (PLB,  G2,  EFA)  -10°C  and  +70°C
                (+14°F and +158°F). If the temperature drops to less than 0°C (+32°F) (which means that
                possibly condensed water is formed) the equipment has to be dried for approx 1 hour at a
                room  temperature  of  approx  +20°C  (+68°F).  Afterwards  all  devices  can  be  used  again
                without further problems. The storage temperature for the BENZING M1 ranges between
                -25°C and +70°C (-13°F and +158°F).

                If the BENZING M1 and the loft antennas are operated near a power line, the registration of
                the arriving pigeons and in general the operation of the BENZING M1 can be susceptible to

          3.2  Installation of the Fancier System

                In a loft first the provided M1 Fancier Cable will be connected to one loft antenna (PLB or
                G2  Antenna)  and  then  the  remaining loft  antennas  will  be  connected  (see  figures  3.1  to
                3.3). Another possibility is to connect the cable to a BENZING Antenna Controller where EFA
                loft antennas are then connected to.
                Next the power supply unit is connected to the corresponding jack at the M1 Fancier Cable.
                This  jack  is  located  on  the  back  of  the  connection  cable’s  DB-9  antenna  plug  (see  also
                chapter "2.8 - M1 Fancier Cable for Loft Antenna Connection"). This will supply the antennas
                with voltage. At last the BENZING M1 can be connected by plugging-in the M1 Fancier Cable at the
                BENZING M1.

                        It  is  of  utmost  importance  that  you  observe  the  instructions  on  the  leaflets
                  !     inside the antenna packages (PLB, G2, EFA) when installing the loft antennas.

                The build-up of a fancier system with the BENZING M1 and loft antennas can be seen in the
                following figures.

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