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BENZING M1 - Fancier

                    Copyright 2004-2011, GANTNER Pigeon Systems GmbH, Schruns (Austria).

                Copyrights: Operating instructions, manuals and software are protected by copyright ©. All rights are
                reserved. Copying, duplication, translation, installation in any electronic medium or machine-readable
                form in whole or in part is prohibited. The sole exception is represented by creation of a back-up copy
                of software for own use as a safeguard, so far as this is technically possible and recommended by us.
                Any infringement will render the party committing such infringement liable to compensation payment.

                Liability: Any claims against the manufacturer based on the hardware or software products described
                in this manual shall depend exclusively on the conditions of the guarantee. Any further-reaching claims
                are excluded, and in particular the manufacturer accepts no liability for the completeness or accuracy
                of the contents of this manual. The right is reserved to make alterations, and alterations may be made
                at any time without prior notice being given.

                Trade  mark:  Attention is drawn at this point to markings and registered trade marks used in this

                        Important:  Before  commencing  installation,  commissioning,  putting  into  service  and
                  !     before any maintenance work is carried out, it is essential that the relevant warning and
                        safety instructions in this manual are read!

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