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                         General warning and safety instructions

                Dear customer,

                We congratulate you on having selected a product of GANTNER Pigeon Systems GmbH. So that our
                product  functions  in  your  installation  with  safety  and  to  your  complete  satisfaction,  we  take  this
                opportunity to familiarise you with the following ground rules:

                1.   Installation,  commissioning,  operation  and  maintenance  of  the  product  purchased  must  be
                   carried out in accordance with instructions, i.e. in accordance with the technical conditions of
                   operation, as described in the corresponding product documentation.

                2.  Before either installation, commissioning, operation or maintenance it is therefore essential that
                   you read the corresponding chapter of this manual and observe its instructions.

                3.  If there are still some points on which you are not entirely clear, please do not take a chance, but
                   ask the customer adviser responsible for you.

                4.  Where not otherwise specifically laid down, appropriate installation, commissioning, operation and
                   maintenance of the product is the customer’s responsibility.

                5.  Directly on receipt of the goods, inspect both the packaging and the device itself for any signs of
                   damage.  Also  check  that  the  delivery  is  complete  (->  accessories,  documentation,  auxiliary
                   devices, etc.).

                6.  If the packaging has been damaged in transport or should you suspect that the product has been
                   damaged  or that  it  may  have a  fault,  the  product must  not  be  put  into  service.  In  this  case,
                   contact your customer advisor. He will make every effort to resolve the problem as quickly as

                7.  Servicing  of  our  product  must  only  be  carried  out  by  suitably  trained  personnel.  Here,  the
                   appropriate  installation  provisions  in  accordance  with  the  relative  national  Electrical  Engineers
                   construction regulations (e.g. ÖVE, [Austrian] VDE, [German]...) must be observed.

                8.  Where not otherwise stated, installation and maintenance work on our appliances is exclusively to
                   be carried out when disconnected from the power supply. This applies in particular to appliances
                   which are normally supplied by low-tension current.

                9.  It is prohibited to make alterations to the appliances.

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